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Dear friends!


Welcome to the virtual home of our cattery!

Let me said few words about us. We have an experience in felinology for more than 20 years. We have been breeding Maine Coon for 6 years. Before then we has breeding Persian cats. Four years ago we bought a big house in a small town in the countryside, 20 miles from our native Kharkov City. After moving to a new house, we were able to expand our cattery. We bought several new breeding cats in the excellent breed type. Our cats live with us in the house. For this reason, they are socialized. We also built a large aviary where cats can walk in conditions close to natural ones. We regularly participate in the show. Our cats get high marks on shows and often win them.


With best regards,
Marina and Valentin, 
the owners of the
GattoFantastico Cattery  


The GattoFantastico's News


 December 21-22, 2019

         Kelvin has closed the Title of European                 Champion!!!





October 12-13, 2019

Our Kelvin is the Grand Inter Champion
and the best Maine Coon of the Show


At the international show in Dnipro City our GattoFantastico Kelvin was three times recognized as the best adult Maine Coon. Also in the four finals among the best adult cats of all breeds, Kelvin won 2, 5, 8 and 10 places! Kelvin also won the title of Grand Inter Champion !!!


September 29, 2019 

The First Champions Titles of Rivelina and Navara

Our young female-cats GattoFantastico Rivelina and Zver Uga Navara at the international show in Kharkiv won their First Champions Titles! With what we congratulate them and ourselves !!!



September 29, 2019

The Kelvin's Awards 


Kelvin was a Best Adult
Maine Coon at the Cat
Show in Kharkiv!

Also Kelvin took an award
as a 5th Best Adult Cat Allbread!



October 21, 2018

The successfull debut of

UA*GattoFantastico KELVIN!

Kelvin is 5th Best Kitten Allbreed at the Rolandus International Show in Kharkiv!!!





October 21, 2018

The First Show to

UA*GattoFantastico KELVIN and

UA*GattoFantastico K'COSA NOSTRA!

At the Juniors rings in the Breed, Kelvin is 1st Best Kitten and Cosa Nostra is 2nd Best Kitten!!! 

April 14, 2018

The First Awards of

UA*GattoFantastico EDISSON


Our graduate Edisson took two avards as a Best Cat in the Breerd at the International Rolandus Cat Show in the Sumy! 

Our congratulations to Marina Dodakova, the new owner of our Edisson! 


March 31, 2018

The new victory of Buffon

on the show


Our ginger cat Buffon at the International FIFe Cat Show in Vinnitsa! He took the award as the Best Adult Cat! 

 March 31, 2018

BARTOLOMEO's Debute at the

FIFe International Show


After the show in Kharkiv, Bartolomeo took part in the International FIFe show in Vinnitsa. His debut at the show of this felinological organization took place in a highly competitive environment with worthy kittens of an older age and, correspondingly, a larger size. Despite this, Bartolomeo was twice nominated for Best, where he lost only because of his age     


 March 25, 2018

The Successful 
BARTOLOMEO's Show Debut!


The debut show of Bartolomeo, Buffon's son. He took two awards as a best kitten in the 2 rings of 4 rings and the award as a best kitten in this show in Kharkiv!











Fabio, 3 mo

male, MCO a22

GattoFantastico FABIO


 Flora, 3 mo

Female, MCO g22

GattoFantastico FLORA



































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